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Osprey on a traffic sign in Oman (more Oman)

Visarenden lezingen op : lezingen

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presentations on Ospreys (in Dutch)

 Visarenden in Nederland  (Ospreys in the Netherlands)

Nieuw:  2005


Visarend waarnemingen in Nederland / Osprey observations in the Netherlands

Visarenden in Nederland in 2005:

s.v.p geef U waarnemingen door aan!!!: achtergronden en vragen?, mail  aan:  !!!

 Kunstnesten op een electriciteitsmast bij het Naardermeer: link

NIEUW: onderhoud van de kunstnesten op 2 maart 2006: link

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Nest-building Ospreys Pandion haliaetus in the Oostvaardersplassen in late summer 2002: start of the colonisation of The Netherlands?

follow the link

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and the artificial nest, built in 2003

In 2003 a pair of Ospreys started building a nest on top of the artificial nest, but the nest was left before being finished. A male was first seen on the nest at April 17th. It was joined by a female. The male had an aluminium ring on its left leg, but no color ring. This either means it has lost its color ring or that the bird was not ringed in England, France or Germany as (nearly) all Ospreys in these countries are ringed with a plastic color ring.

Breeding results of French Ospreys in 2005



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A nest in a cactus in Mexico

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A nest on a rock in Mexico

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A nest in a tree in Florida

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Ospreys in the Orleans Forest, France

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A visit to the Rutland Water Osprey Project in August 2001

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Two Osprey nests in Sweden, south of Gothenburg, Sweden, June, 1999

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A burnt Osprey nest in Germany, near Roebel, eastern Germany, April, 2001

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Unique pictures of an Osprey catching two fish

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An international meeting: mating Ospreys in the Orleans Forest, a picture of Nigel Beers Smith

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some European results of ringing Ospreys

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Osprey - BirdLife Species Factsheet




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