Eureka, Ellesmere Island

location 7959'41"N, 8548'48"W

Just some pictures from our visit in 1990, it is one of my plans to make a page, which will include birds of Lake Hazen, but also a report of our visit to Eskimo Point and Arviat

The entrance of the bar at the Eureka airport


Tha garden spot of the arctic
our camping spot near the Black Top Ridge
another "camping"
gavia_st.jpg (19684 bytes) Red-throated diver

(Gavia stellata)

A WC with a view

when you stay lomg enough you will see Polar Bears

one of the white Arctic Foxes

Some more arctic pictures, I hope to find time later for a new page

muskus.jpg (6047 bytes) Muskoxen in Lake Hazen

more pictures of Muskoxen

hazen.jpg (6080 bytes) Snow Hare
haas.jpg (19080 bytes) The tourist last year had a far better camera, sir
arcttern.jpg (3734 bytes) Arctic Tern in Lake Hazen

The most northern Arctic Tern you can imagine (82 N)

atv.jpg (12683 bytes) better than walking, but muddier
can90_10_19.jpg (10272 bytes) one of the peregrines of Rankin Inlet. Some more on the Peregrine page
a map of the area

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