Originally this page contained only pictures of wagtails pictured during our trip to Oman in 1995

Through reactions of various people it is starting to become a collection of pictures of wagtails. Everybody is welcome to submit pictures. I will fully credit the photographers.All kind of comments are welcome!

Wagtails in Oman
some pictures of wagtails near Salalah
All photo's Ruud Kampf
moulting beema? gelekwi1.jpg (7226 bytes)
male feldegg gelekwi2.jpg (16230 bytes)
also a beema? gelekwi3.jpg (11937 bytes) A beema in The Netherlands?
moulting feldegg

gelekwi4.jpg (5624 bytes)

again a feldegg

gelekwi5.jpg (6430 bytes)

alba or beema? witkwik.jpg (7880 bytes)
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Other Yellow Wagtails:

Beema.jpg (141265 bytes)

A Yellow wagtail pictured in Groningen in The Netherlands by Rudy Offereins

Possibly a beema or "Russian yellow wagtail"

Who can help us with the identification?


Maavla_gele_kwik.jpg (14965 bytes)

A Yellow Wagtail from De Maasvlakte in The Netherlands, photographed by Bas van den Boogaart

Who can help us with the identification?

Nicolas Selosse:

mixed pair flava x flavissima.

Gelekwi_versteeg.jpg (42146 bytes)

A Yellow Wagtail in Wilp (Gld.) 04.05.1995
A mix between an Italian- and a Balkan? ?
Peter de Vries en Rob Versteeg-  Deventer
e-mail : robver@worldonline.nl  http://home-1.worldonline.nl/~robver/

a_4_3a.jpg (7777 bytes)

A Yellow Wagtail from Alaska (Daltom Highway, rooks Range)

Photo: Ruud Kampf

Alaska, 1997


Other White Wagtails:

wikwi_si_91.jpg (18562 bytes)

A beema in Nizhinangarsk, northern tip lake Baikal, Siberia, 1991

photo: Ruud Kampf



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