Point Lay

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We stayed two nights near the old village of Point Lay, on an island a couple of miles from the new village. The last night we stayed in the building of the search and rescue team.

Not many waders, just a couple of Lesser-Golden Plovers and Semi-palmated Sandpipers (feeding on Walrus carcasses). Quite a few birds on the sea, but also a group of Bowhead whales came quite close to the shore.

A busy moment at the airport

By canoe to the old village on the island

Bill, many thanks again!

Lapland Bunting

The first night on the island was wonderful with migrating Bowhead whales

The second was a bit windy

The next morning it was raining

Bill Tracey processing the meat of a Bearded Seal

A researcher took samples of parasites of the seal

The volunteer search and rescue team of Point Lay
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