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Barrow (has changed a lot since 1986, many cars, still very muddy).

Barrow was good as usual. The Pectoral sandpipers, Buffbreasted sandpipers (holding one wing up to show the white underwing) and the Phalaropes were still displaying. It was not a good Snowy owl season, we "only" counted 11-12 along the Gaswell Road (we hired a car and camped near the end of the road, you need permission). The weather was very lousy (mostly foggy, rainy, windy, just above freezing) , the Eastern Kingbird at one of the gas wells must have felt lost.

No polar bears in Barrow.

Just take a look at some of our Polar Bear Pics from Churchill

With a rented car birding at the Gas Well Road


It was not a good breeding season for snowy owls.

Anyhow, we saw 11 along the Gas Well Road

Some information on Dunlins in Barrow and other places

Many Pectoral Sandpipers were displaying

 The Red-Phalaropes were still sorting out their relations

Red-Phalarope - female 
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